Guide to Enterprise

Conversational AI Pricing:

Calculating the Cost of a Successful Chatbot or Virtual Agent

An enterprise conversational AI solution should enable you to provide optimized and consistent self-service. It should create value for both your organization and your customers. It should allow you to maximize the benefits of machine learning while keeping a human-in-the-loop. It should deliver the right experience to the right person on the right channel every time.

But how much does an enterprise conversational AI tool with this level of sophistication, flexibility, and customization really cost?

Your manual to solving the mystery of enterprise-level conversational AI pricing is here!

This guide will walk you through:

        • Budgeting for an enterprise solution
        • Typical pricing models for technology and consultation
        • Average costs for pilots and full systems
        • Calculating your return on investment (ROI)

Customer experience (CX) is a crucial competitive differentiator for your enterprise, and your customers expect a joined-up digital experience that includes conversational AI tools.

Finally understand the real cost of a successful chatbot or virtual agent by downloading this complete guide.